Cathay Kylin Sustainability Study

Location: Los Angeles, California
Client: Cathay Kylin
Dates: July 19-August 1, 2014
Team: D. Ouyang, S. Mihelčič, K. Kušar, K. Ostrowska, R. Best, C. Lee, D. Farmakis, T. Vilfan
Type: Consulting, Residential


Cloud Arch Studio was invited by Cathay Kylin, a Chinese real estate developer, to explore possibilities for energy efficiency, sustainability, and building technology in two of their current developments:

  1. 109-unit apartment complex on 6055 Center Drive, Los Angeles CA
  2. 18 single family homes on Glenalbyn Drive, Los Angeles CA

Cloud’s deliverable was composed of four distinct sections:

  1. MULTIFAMILY SUSTAINABILITY STUDY is authored by R. Best, C. Lee, and D. Ouyang and approaches the question of sustainability in multifamily residential from an academic perspective.
  2. 6055 CENTER DRIVE SUSTAINABILITY RECOMMENDATIONS is authored by D. Farmakis, R. Best, and D. Ouyang and consists of a direct application of the ideas from the sustainability study to the client’s multifamily site with recommendations on how the client should proceed with the design process.
  3. 6055 CENTER DRIVE ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT is a design by K. Kusar, T. Vilfan, and D. Ouyang integrating Cloud Arch Studio’s own sustainability recommendations and unique architectural concepts.
  4. GLENALBYN DRIVE ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT is a design by K. Ostrowska, S. Mihelcic, and D. Ouyang for the client’s single-family development.

LA 1

LA 2


LA 8

LA 9


View the full deliverable here.