Grossmann Film Center Proposal

Location: Ljutomer, Slovenia
Client: Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival, City of Ljutomer
Dates: July 15-18, 2014
Team: D. Ouyang, S. Mihelčič, D. Stražar (A. Hrovat, M. Debevec from Skupina Štajn)
Type: POP-UP, Commercial

Cloud Arch Studio was invited along with Skupina ŠTAJN to attend the Grossman Fantastic Film & Wine Festival and develop a proposal for a new film center that would provide year-round amenities for locals and tourists. From July 15-18, we worked onsite, spoke with stakeholders from the film industry, wine industry, and municipality, and proposed a long-term vision of a film center integrating flexible gallery space, immersive educational tools, and a wine+cinema experience. The festival organizers and mayor expressed interest in developing our concepts through the next year and creating the first physical result at next year’s festival.